Xinle Team Is Expected To Visit Customers In Turkey From July 19th To July 28th, 2023

Xinle Team Is Expected To Visit Customers In Turkey From July 19th To July 28th, 2023


After the visit plan in the UAE, the Xinle team is expected to arrive in Turkey on July 18, 2023, and start a customer visit plan for more than a week from July 19 to July 28.

Xinle Team Is Expected To Visit Customers In Turkey From July 19th To July 28th, 2023
Occurrence date: July 19 to July 28, 2023

Time content: After successfully visiting the queue, the Xinle team is busy preparing to go to the next destination-Turkey. The team expects to restart Turkey on July 18, 2023, and fully launch the customer inspection plan from July 19 to July 28. During this period, the team will focus on providing support for various electronic components such as chips and sensors, wireless modules, LCD screens, LED driver boards and PCBs.

Known for its rich historical heritage and vibrant culture, Turkey has always been a popular destination for business and tourism. The Xinle team is excited to explore the opportunities offered by Turkey and meet our valued clients in Istanbul, Ankara and nearby cities .

Xinle is a leading supplier of electronic components, providing cutting-edge technology to meet rapidly evolving needs. Through the engagement of these customers, the company aims to strengthen partnerships, understand market trends, and directly address any customer concerns or feedback. By maintaining a can-do attitude, innovative musical performances reflect its commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service.

During the visit, the Xinle team will have extensive discussions with customers to understand their specific needs, provide customized solutions, and address any proven challenges they may have. This personalized approach gives Xinle a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Türkiye has always been famous for its hospitality to tourists. The Xinle team welcomes the opportunity to meet customers in this welcoming environment and looks forward to building lasting ones. In addition to business, the team also plans to immerse themselves in local culture, inherit traditional Turkish cuisine, explore historical landmarks, and experience the joy of life in Turkey.

The Turkish customer research plan is an important milestone in Xinle's expansion strategy. As the global market continues to develop and technology advances, Xinle is always at the forefront, providing innovative solutions and maintaining close ties with customers around the world.

Finally, the Xinle team embarked on their trip to Turkey with great expectations and eagerness to interact with customers and strengthen partnerships. Xinle's visit this time shows its firm commitment to demanding customers and the development of cutting-edge electronic components. and Xinle’s expertise, this visit collaborates to shape a promising future for the industry and foster mutually beneficial relationships.
Calendar 2023.7.18